Spicy Red Velvet– Kicking Things Off With a Bang

It’s been a muggy, rainy day in Portland and after I got my full monthly quota of sun yesterday, it seemed like the perfect day to kick off my cupcake and champagne education.

I went back and forth about a good style to start with. I kept reminding myself that cupcakes are a comfort food, and while my goal is to work up to culinary works of beauty, today was all about the “yumminess” factor.

I decided to make a red velvet with cream cheese frosting– and then add a spicy kick. About half of cup of chili powder went into the cupcakes and a couple table spoons of Siracha into the frosting. Totally a risk– there’s only so much that testing the batter can tell you, but I was thrilled with the end result. You get a light zing throughout your bite, but the aftertaste isn’t too intense. About two cups of tiny rainbow sprinkles went into the frosting for an slight crunch and cute/fun/silly factor that I think is essential with any cupcake.

Cupcake 1- Spicy Red Velvet

I’ve tested a couple of sparkling wines this week and I was looking for one that would balance the spice, but not be overpoweringly sweet. I found my winner in Jacob’s Creek’s Chardonnay Pinot Noir Brut Cuvee from SE Australia.

Brut Cuvee’s are going to be more dry than Extra Bruts and less dry than those labeled Suc. This one has a citrus-y kick to it, which worked surprisingly well with the cocoa and spice in my cupcakes.

Jacob's Creek Champ

I’ve kind of given in to the fact that Sunday afternoons will be spent in loose, elastic clothing from now on, but week one was definitely a success. Hope everyone at work is ready for the deluge of cupcakes that are coming in tomorrow. The champagne on the other hand, will definitely be gone by then.:-)

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



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