Dark Chocolate Sour Cream and a Napa Blanc de Noir

I know that I should be making light, fluffy, summery cupcakes when the sun is high in the sky, but chocolate has been calling my name all day. And I never say no to chocolate. In fact, I embrace it wholeheartedly and tried to stuff as much chocolatey goodness as possible into this week’s cupcake. I think I succceeded… meet the chocolate-ganache-filled-dark-chocolate-cupcake-with-dark-AND white-chocolate-sour-cream-frosting cupcake. I’m brainstorming a more succinct name.

When I introduced the idea of Bubbles and Sprinkles to my family, my retired yogi father (read: former Wall Street banker who is now REALLY embracing the great Northwest and everything it has to offer) pushed the idea of low sugar cupcakes. This is a laughable idea to me, because I think that cupcakes should be as pretty and sugary as possible. However he may have been on to something when I decided to pair this week’s cupcake with a California Blanc de Noir.

Blanc de Noirs are sparkling white wines that are produced completely by black grapes. When there’s minimal contact with the darker skin of red or black grapes, the white flesh and grape juice produce white wine with slight amounts of red pigments. They’re very fruity and full of flavor and if you’re looking for a decadent evening (like I apparently was), then this pairing is for you. The winner hailed from my weekend trip to Napa, where although the focus was wine, I couldn’t pass up the Blanc de Noir at Domaine Carneros. Although the bottle seems to have gone mysteriously missing… here are a few pictures of my first sampling.

???????????????????????????????(pinkies up)


IMG_0786Domaine Carneros also had some of the best Pinot Noirs I’ve ever had. This was their 2010 Estate Pinot Noir.

This week my baking goal was to tackle dark chocolate ganache and had a really fun time doing it. While my chocolate cupcakes baked (yummy recipe here), I mixed equal parts simmering heavy cream and 60% cocoa chips, and added a tablespoon of room temperature butter. Depending on the taste that you’re looking for, you can substitute dark rum or coffee for butter.

Once cooled, I scooped out the top of the cupcake and filled with ganache. I substituted sour cream for cream cheese in my dark chocolate frosting and lo and behold, a rich, but not too sugary, dark chocolate sour cream cupcake. The combination of cocoa, sour cream and the blanc de noir is super rich but not too cloying and I really enjoyed the different textures in each bite.

dark chocolate sour cream

Bonus– both the ganache and the frosting served as excellent fondues for my strawberry garnishes 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful week!



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