Cookie Dough Stuffed and the Ultimate Cupcake Champagne

It’s been the number one comment I’ve gotten about my sparkling beverage choices. “Have you ever heard of Cupcake Vineyards?” Yes, my friends, I have. I was absolutely obsessed when I learned about it as a new 21-year-old. I’m pretty sure I bought World Market out of its supply of Cupcake Prosecco. Although I endeavour to always review new sparkling wines that I’ve never tried before, it turned out there is a cupcake that pairs perfectly with this creamy, light Prosecco.

cupcake champagne

And that cupcake, is stuffed with cookie dough (yummy recipe that inspired, here). I’m on a roll with the stuffed cupcakes and it’s becoming dangerous to take me to any home stores. I’ve held out so far, but there’s an epic list in my head of trays, toys, jars, cupcake holders that I “need”. Among these is a super snazzy injector of fillings that although was not utilized this week, may be making an appearance very soon.

chocolate chip cookie dough

I pulled a switcheroo this week, basing my cupcake choice off of the Prosecco. Cupcake Prosecco is extremely smooth, it coats your mouth and there aren’t an overload of bubbles. It’s light enough that you can polish a bottle but not too sugary where you feel that bottle the next day. A cookie dough stuffed cupcake was the winner since it would be light and creamy, but not too rich like a chocolate choice would be. You have to devote time to this bad boy, since the recipe calls for making the cookie dough by hand, but hey– a little store bought cookie dough never hurt anybody.

chocolate chip 2

I felt like a trimuphant six-year-old when these came out of the oven…a nice rounded top, moist to the touch but cooked through. A taste test showed me that about 15 minutes in the oven guarantees soft chewy ALMOST baked cookie dough. A triumphant six-year-old needs chocolate chips and sprinkles on her cupcake and voila!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!



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