Peanut Butter and a Fruity Rosé

I’m not the biggest peanut butter fan, but I’ve always loved Reese’s. It’s something about the texture and they’re a total comfort food to me. They were one of the few “American” candies that was readily accessible when I lived overeas as a kid and quickly grew into one of my favorites. With my continued interest in stuffed cupcakes, it seemed only natural to try my hand at a peanut butter-themed variety.

peanut butter 2

This is low-sugar option for those of those who are sweet averse– I used about half of the brown sugar that the recipe called for and subsituted cocoa for the rest. I mixed about a cup of peanut butter into the recipe (creamy, not chunky) and was really pleased with the texture as they baked.  The frosting was a butter cream base with cocoa and peanut butter mixed in.

Definitely a hearty snack but may have turned me into a slight peanut butter fan. Yummy recipe that I used as reference- here.

peanut butter 1

I did have to say goodbye to my first piping bag with this batch– time for an upgrade. The nozzle was too tiny and not meant for those with nervous hands 🙂 Would love any recommendations, my goal over the next few weeks is to work on my decorative skills.

The low sugar content of this cupcake encouraged a fruity Rosé and a trip to my favorite bottle shop in Portland, Cork on NE 29th and Alberta. You can’t go too dry with a peanut butter cupcake, and the FRV 100 from Terres Dorées that the sommelier helped me pair with the cupcakes, perfectly cleansed the pallet with heavy fruit flavors and a slite bite of acidity. It’s simple and straight forward, not too complex. The fun label didn’t hurt either. Call the combo a grown-up peanut butter and fruit jelly 🙂


Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



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