Cookies n’ Cream and a Cava Reserve

I figured that anything that tastes good as an ice cream has to have staying power in cupcake form. In this case, that assumption was correct. Meet the Cookies n’ Cream cupcake– and my first week of truly satisfying frosting. Red letter day. The finding this week was that after 53478957 batches, the correct ratio of confectioners sugar to butter/vanilla/heavy cream IS possible, AND when refridgerated properly and distributed with an ice cream scoop, can truly look like ice cream! Tasters can attest 🙂

I used this delicious recipe as reference for the cupcakes, ensuring that both large chunks and crumbs of oreos made it into each. 16 minutes has become my go-to time for truly moist cupcakes and I let them sit for about 3 hours before frosting.

Oreo 2

Oreo 3

These cupcakes were tasty, but my favorite part was the texture. They’re super moist but there’s a little crunch in every bite. I wanted to find a sparkling wine that maximized this experience and found my winner in a Spanish Cava- the 2008 Juve y Camps Reserve. This merited a field trip to another food & drink favorite– Woodstock Wine and Deli. Great happy hour for wine and cheese enthusiasts and they specialize in reserves and hard-to-find varietals. I’ve lost a few hours just perusing the labels on older bottles.

The Juve y Camps is really crisp and very dry. The most apparent taste to note is of honey which when it meets the cake and cookie tastes is really complementary. This is a Cava that would go well with a variety of foods and dishes but here makes a great, sweet, treat.

Cava 1

You may have noticed a little site upgrade, to make things easier to find. I’ve also joined two super cool blogging organizations– PDX Bloggers and 20SB, which I’m very excited to get involved with. As always, please don’t hesitate to let me know cupcakes or sparkling wines that you think I should try.

Hope everyone has a great week!



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