Pink Lemonade and Champagne in a Can

It was absolutely beautiful this weekend, the perfect weather for drinking outside with good friends. I’m not the biggest beer drinker, and it’s a bummer to cart around a bottle of champagne when we’re hanging out outside. Francis Ford Coppola solved this problem with a four-pack of Sofia sparkling wines, complete with tiny, red straws. I was hesitant about assuming my infatuation based on the packaging, but my fears were assauged with the first sip.

sofia 3

The Sofia is a blanc-de-blanc, with a taste bouquet of melon, honeysuckle and pear. Refreshing and fruity, I was able to relax and feel light and easy. The packaging, was definitely held onto 🙂

sofia 2

sofia 1

In keeping with the spirit of the weather, this week called for Pink Lemonade cupcakes. I was inspired by mixes at the store, and wondered how to re-create a taste that is synthesized in nature. Every recipe I found called for pink lemonade concentrate of some amount. It’s tough because the taste of pure lemon wouldn’t completely insinuate pink lemonade goodness and I always want to be as authentic as possible with my recipes. I settled for about 10% pink lemonade concentrate and 90% fresh-squeezed lemon juice. Add (probably far too much) pink food coloring, and you’ve got yourself a fan-favorite of tween girls near and far. (I’m including myself in that demographic right now). Yummy recipe for reference- here.

lemonade 1

The one flaw in this week’s batch was the frosting. It became incredibly messy, due to the heat. Solution in general with this frosting is to thicken with additional confectioners sugar and leave overnight in the fridge. However, I’ll take sun and heat any day in the beautiful Northwest, and the cupcakes tasted just as yummy.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.



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