Chocolate Fudge and a Loire Valley Rose

brownie 2

brownie 1

I’ve always had a love affair with brownies and cream cheese frosting. I used to make full sheet cakes with the intention of sharing with others, always to polish off myself and become incredibly territorial over. (Portion control has never been my forte) :-). I realized this week, that this treat works perfectly as a cupcake, adjusting the baking time for smaller portions and obviously adding extra Ghiradelli chococolate chips for…luck? The one tip for anything this fudgy is to use foil lined cupcake holders, not paper– otherwise the cupcake peels off with the paper. Thank you World Market for not only foil covered liners, but ones with very sweet owls on them.

tete a claques

A sparkling cabernet franc blend is quite a treat, especially one whose name means “head to slap” in French. This sparkling wine is from the Loire Valley and was the perfect way to end “summer vacation”. The cheeky name matches the cheeky flavor, packed with red fruits and has a very soft and smooth effect on the mouth. The finish is silky sweet and not too heavy. It also merited a trip to Cork, and a delicious tasting of a variety of Spanish reds.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor(less) Day, wishing everyone a painless week back 🙂



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