Pumpkin Spice and Italian Prosecco

I kind of jumped the gun this year on pumpkin spice. I figured as soon as there was a cloudly September day, it was a legitimate decision. Bad choice. Sun came out as soon as I ordered and home girl at the counter definitely added an extra pump of flavoring to my drink. The result was way too much heavy sugar as the day warmed up and quite a stomach/headache.

I’ve now waited a couple of weeks and since today is officially the first day of fall, I feel that pumpkin spice cupcakes are now appropriate. A typical Oregonian day of downpour helped solidify this decision. I was kind of nervous about the cupcakes, every recipe that I look up had a completely different array of ingredients. I nixed ingredients here and there, but here’s the main recipe that I used as inspiration.

pumpkin spice

Heads up– too much pumpkin equals sunken cupcakes. Whoever said you can’t fill cupcake liners up too much is totally lying. Takeaway is that any recipe with more than a cup of a main flavor ingredient (chocolate chips, candy, fruit, etc.), you should plan on only filling up the liner to the halfway mark. Still totally delicious, but the road to aesthetically beautiful cupcakes continues.

dom bertiol

Dom Bertiol Prosecco was the chosen sparkling wine this week. Produced from 100% Glera grapes, it hails from the hillside vineyards in Conegliano, Italy. Super crip, very citrus-y, not overpowering next to the rich flavors of pumpkin. It’s a little bit sweet but an easy drink that complements most dominant flavors.

Back to football… Hope everyone has a wonderful week 🙂



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