A Breakfast Cupcake and an Any Meal Prosecco

I’ve got to hand it to the sweet teeth of my colleagues. I’ve been bringing in my cupcakes every Monday morning and normally it takes about twenty minutes before the plate in the kitchen is wiped clean. Extra gold star for the Ninja qualities that we all seem to possess– you never see the stampede to any available food in the kitchen, we’ve perfected the sneaky grab and bounce.

I’m extremely grateful for their enthusiastic feedback, as well as their dedication to eating copious amounts of sugar at 9am. That’s why this week, I decided to explore a cupcake with a balance of salt and sugar, whose ingredients are found in many breakfast favorites; A cupcake that *technically* could pass as a morning meal.


bacon 2

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is bacon on top. This week’s cupcake is made of apple cinnamon cake and bacon maple frosting. And if eating these for breakfast is wrong, I do not want to be right. They were a perfect project for a sunny, crisp fall day, and I’m extremely proud with how they turned out. The thinnest of apple slices were folded into a batter rich with cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and maple. I nervously sat in front of the oven for 20 minutes– checking their progress every couple of minutes. No need– I’ve found that with thicky/fruity fillings the cupcakes won’t round quite so much on top, but they contained themselves in wrappers and that is all I can ask for.

The piping bag is back in action! I purchased new decorative nozzles in a variety of shapes and sizes and disposable plastic piping bags. Between the new purchases and a universal rule to now add twice the required amount of confectioners sugar into frosting, we’re in business. I may have eaten more of the bacon than planned. All in the name of research, right?

La Marca

La Marca  is one of those Proseccos that I have found to be universally loved and an excellent pairing with a large range of flavors. It’s made with the Glera grape and named for the La Marca Trevigiana zone in Italy. There’s no denying this is a rich cupcake, so a light and bubbly sparkling wine with a bouquet of apples and peaches means you’re getting all of your servings of fruit for the morning 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful week!



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