Cinnamon Roll and Cava

This weekend was especially exciting as one of my oldest and dearest friends was home from being a med school rockstar in Nebraska. She’s been one of the biggest supporters of my Bubbles and Sprinkles dreams. In honor of her homecoming and a beautiful Fall day of Oregon Duck football, I decided to try my hand at Cinnamon Roll cupcakes.

I’m sure I’ve made my love of fall pretty clear. One of my favorite things about it, is the flavors and spices that I associate with fall food. A prominent spice that comes to mind? Cinnamon. And after I smelled a colleague’s cinnamon rolls wafting out of the work kitchen the other day (cruel, by the way), inspiration bit.

I layered the cupcake batter (inspiration recipe here— I opted out of Pralines) and a mix of brown sugar and cinnamon into cupcake liners, and baked for about 18 minutes. Another week of manically checking to ensure they baked properly.

Fresh out of the oven-

cupcakes fresh baked

Frosted with buttercream and dusted with additional cinnamon-

final cupcake use this one

Although I wish the brown sugar/cinnamon mixture would have made the cupcakes a little bit more gooey, it did still create beautiful swirls within the cupcake.

I’ve been craving Cava; Craving a good bubbly that whets the pallet a little bit better, after so many dry Proseccos. I found my winner this week in GM (Grans Moments) Cava. Rumor has it that this varietal was formulated especially for the Nordic market, a market that apparently prefers a more dry Cava. Not too dry for me! Dominant flavors of green apple and a tiny bit of acidity on the finish complimented the more hearty taste of the cupcakes. It hasn’t received the best reviews, but I feel like it’s good bang for the buck ($15 a bottle).

GM cork

top of GM bottle

GM bottle back label

glass of GM

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



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