Candy Corn and a Washington Brut

Food coloring will be the death of me. Portland area foodies, if you have any recommendations for fun baking shops, I would love to hear them! Similar to the week of the Nickelodeon Mint Chip cupcakes, I had quite an adventure with the decoration process this week. Probably shouldn’t complain, I channeled my inner four-year-old and mixed different color combinations until I was truly satisfied with my candy corn frosting.

cupcake 1

The basis of this cupcake is chocolate fudge. Candy corn candies pack a surprising crunch into otherwise chewy deliciousness. My favorite owl cupcake holders got to make an appearance since anything this fudgy requires foil liners if you’d like to be able to consume more than 60% of the cupcake.

cupcake 2

cupcake 3

Disposable piping bags continue to make me a very happy girl. I mixed cream cheese frosting with a bit of sour cream for added flavor. One bowl of frosting had a visit from yellow food coloring, one bowl had a visit from orange…extract. Yep, that merited another trip to the store. Oops! Pleasant surprise however, sour cream and orange flavoring compliment each other nicely, so these cupcakes also have a little citrus zing. A dollop of white frosting as the tip of the “candy corn” and a smattering of chocolate sprinkles finished this week’s sweet experiment.

michelle 1

michelle 2

I have to give a shout out to the marketing/Web presence of this week’s Brut, from Washington. I was intrigued by Michelle’s social media presence and I wondered if it would pair well with such a sugary, filling cupcake. It did. The brut is light as air, slightly creamy, with flavors of apple and citrus. The consistency is what made it such an ideal pairing. With a champagne this light, you have no excuse to not have another cupcake 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



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