Murphy’s Law Cupcakes and a Sparkling Pinot Gris

I would normally be extremely averse to posting anything that wasn’t somewhat aesthetically pleasing in my eye. And disclaimer– this week’s cupcakes are anything but. However, there’s a lot of value for me to share not only what’s worked, but what hasn’t worked on this epic cupcake journey. And so, I give you– the Murphy’s Law Cupcake.

The Murphy’s Law Cupcake was formerly known as the Chocolate Chip Cupcake for Lauren’s birthday. I was to provide cupcakes and Champagne, our friend Corn was to make mac n’ cheese, and Lauren was just supposed to sit and look pretty. Well two out of those three things made it to the party 🙂 (and Lauren still sat and looked pretty). Unfortunately, due to the following brief list of “Murphy’s” that occurred, my cupcakes remained home:

  • Oven was not hot enough
  • There was enough flour, but there was also too much sugar in this recipe
  • Too many chocolate chips added
  • Frosting bag exploded

Although the cupcakes didn’t rise properly, I was determined to make them work. If twice-baked potatoes can a meal make, then so could “twice-baked cupcakes?”. I folded in the tops so that they looked like little molten cakes (visual below).

Ironically, I feasted on all of the cupcakes over the next week. Even though they weren’t pretty, the sugar to flour ratio made them super fudgey, which is my favorite. The frosting was incredibly rich and because of the frosting bag burstage situation, there was a giant heaping of frosting on each cupcake. So, Lauren’s and Corn’s loss, was my gain. Recipe not included this week because there is still tweaking to be done, but photos for comedic effect.

murphy 1

murphy 2

murphy 3


As you can imagine, much sparkling wine was needed after such an evening. Trevari Cellars is an under-tapped gem of the Northwest, creating crisp and complex sparkling wines. It was launched in 2010 with a goal of putting Washington on the sparkling wine map. Welp, I think it worked. This week I enjoyed their Sparkling Pinot Gris and it eliminated about half of my cupcake humiliation. There are hints of almond and citrus, it lends itself extremely well to anything involing chocolate. It’s not too light, there is a little body to it, and a complex finish that would also allow it to stand alone for a “liquid snack” 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.



2 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law Cupcakes and a Sparkling Pinot Gris

  1. It’s good to reinforce that just because something doesn’t look pretty, UT can still be very delicious. The fudginess you describe seems worth the less photogenic appearance…

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