A New Chapter

This has been a recalibration week for me. And it’s a new chapter in a whole bunch of different ways. For one, I started a new career. It’s at a dream company and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to contribute to its programs and initiatives. However it’s very bittersweet because I think it’s rare to fall in love with your job as much as I did with mine. I said some tough, “see ya laters” to the best co-workers, team and clients in the world, and am aiming to bug them after work as much as possible.

I fell in love with running right after I graduated from the University of Oregon. I had moved to a beautiful neighborhood in Portland on the SW waterfront. It seemed like a waste to not give this form of exercise a try. Looking back, at first it was really slow going. There was one particular hill by my condo that if I conquered, it was a good day and I could definitely pop that bottle of Champagne. But over time that changed. It started with the three miles…moved to the five miles…moved to the 15k’s…moved to the half marathons. I’m not sure where it will go from here. Running resets me and rejuvenates me no matter where I am, but there’s one location where I always find my peace. That’s the track at Dunaway Park. It’s gorgeous 360 degrees around, always populated so I feel safe, and there’s a cool tie to U of O, since the track is made from the rubber of used running cleats.

I went back to Dunaway for the first time in a while yesterday. I was tired, worn out, and brain dead from the first couple of days at the new job. In the best way possible, my brain felt like it was stuffed to capacity. And then I saw the park. And it’s spring in Portland so it was impossibly beautiful. I was immediately transported to four years ago when I’d circle that track for an hour, solving every problem in my head. I just felt so joyful and wise all of a sudden. I have major issues with self-pride and push myself way too hard sometimes so this was a bit of a revelation. I had come full circle to that girl running the track post-college wondering what she was going to do with her life. I’m just so unbelievably grateful for where I am in life and the people that have walked alongside me.

SO. With that being said. Bubbles&Sprinkles is kicking off, anew. New post coming next week 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



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