Spotlight on Lightning Cupcakes

Happy, happy, happy New Years! Welcome to 2016. May your resolutions last beyond February, may your hangovers be swift and weak, may we all relish just one more day of relaxation before the real-life hustle begins again.

Reflection and perspective are the buzzwords this week, and that inspired me. Instead of getting busy in the kitchen this week, I wanted to take a post to shed a giant floodlight on one of Portland’s most badass women.


Meet Lenore Davis-Thawley. I met Lenore indirectly through her baking prowess almost four years ago. At the time I was coordinating in-house marketing for an outdoor footwear company. I was planning the photoshoot for the spring catalogue, scouting Portland’s cutest youth to frolic in Bogs Footwear with me for the day. Tough gig, I tell ya. Lenore’s adorable son was picked. Post shoot, a box of the BEST red velvet cupcakes showed up in our office kitchen. As is my way, I obviously ate half and sat transfixed wondering who had created these amazing cupcakes. The tag said Lightning Cupcakes & Cakes, and research ensued. What I learned really tugged at my heart and made me sit up and take note.


Lightning Cupcakes & Cakes was created to, in Lenore’s own words, “raise some serious cash for kids fighting cancer :)” In part, it provides additional funding for the Healing Hunter Foundation, which “fights childhood cancers, one smile at a time, through random acts of kindness.” Both the Healing Hunter Foundation and Lightning Cupcakes & Cakes were founded in honor of Hunter Zen, their first son who lost his battle to AML Leukemia, far too soon, at age three.


Serious cash for cancer and serious smiles for those fighting are Lenore’s expertise. Most recently she helped lead the charge in decorating Portland’s Doernbecher Children’s Hospital with a Superheroes Universe. She routinely puts hours upon hours in, coming up with fun and unique ways to make these patient’s days just a little bit easier.

I’ve been lucky to spend time with Lenore, both volunteering and at one of her graciously hosted events. Her heart is in her smile, and her smile is incredibly infectious. She has an insanely positive effect on everyone around her and in her, cancer has a truly formidable foe.

AND her cupcakes are amazing. She delivers and caters to every possible need. If you’re on the hunt for your next event, you can check out her Website, here. If you’d like to make a donation or get involved with the Healing Hunter Foundation (501 (c)(3)), please check out their Website, here.

Hope everyone has a truly wonderful first week of 2016.



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