Spotlight on Le Grand Courtâge

The wonders of the Northwest never cease to amaze me. They actually tend to put weekend days on pedestals, because there are so many cool spots to keep up with.

This find is from two weeks back, a very ABV driven adventure along the Columbia River. We were able to hit three planned breweries, an underground whiskey apothecary and a surprise tribute to Mother Nature. It was here, at Dougan Falls in Washington, that we kicked off our boots for a minute and just relaxed. And then we popped bubbles.


Mini bubbles for the week and such a pleasant little spotlight. Le Grand Courtâge was created by Tawnya Falkner, previously a designer and developer in SF. She was over its hustle and bustle and decided to move to Burgundy to pursue other passions. Well her move is our gain– this gorgeous, gold medal French sparkling wine. The name means “the Great Courtship,” with a number of meanings: the blend between French and American culture, the great journey she set out on and the courtship of love and life that sparkling wine definitely inspires.

While the bottle alone sold me, function and aesthetic, the flavor is just as unique. It’s extremely balanced, crisp and dry, but fruit forward. I tasted granny apples and strawberries, supported by a bit of honeysuckle. I recommend with creamy pastas, cheese, and adventures in the Columbia River Gorge.

Hope that everyone has a wonderful week!




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