Sparkling Spotlight- Underwood Wine

Union Wine Company’s wines have been a favorite of mine for a while. They serve them in a can, for crying out loud, what’s not to like? Their motto is pinkies down, marketing their varietals to the masses.

We have always focused on producing down to earth wine and this is just one way of making that more real. It’s important that our wine is accessible to all without compromising any of the quality or the taste we are known for.

( via Union Wine Company’s Website)

As a part of Feast 2013, the second installment of one of the world’s largest food and drink fests, they introduced the Union Wine Tasting Truck- a vintage French Citroën H Van totally decked out. They even distributed wooden rings that ensured nary a pinkie could raise itself in the air during the act of sipping.

The only thing they seemed to lack? A bubbly. So I gritted my teeth, rolled up my sleeves, and trekked through two Union Wine-bubbly-free years, enjoying instead their delicious Pinot Noirs and Gris. It’s a very rough life I lead.

So I was even more excited than normal on a weekly pilgrimage to Zupan’s Market, to see this tiny aluminum beacon of hope. Introducing y’all to Underwood Sparkling Wine! 

She’s a treat, let me tell you. Flavors of apple, lemon, and peach do not disappoint. It’s not super dry, and the bubbles are small. Definitely flavorful enough to enjoy on its own, but would also pair well with fresh veggies, hard cheeses or spicy noodles. This bubbler was retailing for about $7 at Zupan’s. I believe it’s available at some New Seasons as well, but don’t quote me on that. I do know that via the Website, it’s sold out until November of this year. Stock up while you can. If you won’t drink it, send it my way 🙂

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!




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