Recent Sparkly Events

Fall is here, y’all. Fall in Portland is so beautiful and filled with fun and exciting events. Even though my Ducks have had better years, the vast majority of the soirees and adventures have been very happy-making. Two in recent history have been especially worthy of a recap…

You know the friends that you never say no to? It has nothing to do with their levels of bossiness, more that you know that you’ll have a great time, whatever it is that you’ll be doing. I’m lucky to have several of these friends, but one in particular who always seems to find the best endeavors. On one particular rainy Tuesday, I received the following text:

“Want to go to a free booze event tonight two blocks from your place?”

Yeah, yeah I want. What ensued was The Old Forester PDX Face Off— a battle between three prolific Portland bars- Altabira City Tavern, Pope House Bourbon Lounge, and Tasty n Sons. Each team had three players- a bar back, a bartender/mixologist and a server. Rounds included setting up a bar in record time, lightning rounds of Old Forester Trivia, concocting the perfect cocktail based on a comprehensive range of ingredients and a physical obstacle course, carrying multiple drinks. Guests were allowed to sip in the Peanut Gallery and cast our votes at the end. I learned a lot about what ingredients work well together and the nuances of the language that this community uses to describe tastes and scents. And the two block journey home wasn’t bad either.


Fast forward a week and a half to an event that I now hold near and dear to my heart. Long before I got involved with Survive 47.8, Childhood Cancer was on the scene as something I’m passionate about raising awareness of. I’m fortunate to be in the geographical vicinity of the Doernbecher Clinic at OHSU, and I would gladly donate any time or money their way. As if the work they are doing isn’t monumental enough, they also know how to throw an important shindig. HUGE thanks for the invite to The Blue Party– an event raising awareness around Acute Myeloid Leukemia (<– more info on how to get involved at this link).

The set-up was beautiful, the company was vibrant and my arm candy wasn’t bad either. While cupcakes didn’t make the cut in this week’s post, lots of bubbly did.


Hope everyone has a wonderful week!





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