Checking Out HelpWith

It has been a couple of eventful weeks! I can’t say the most entirely positive things about all of this snow. It served as the catalyst for a fender bender, ensured no safe passage to work for multiple days, and generally exhausted any rose-colored glasses that I had previously about snow days.

That being said, Mother Nature did afford me some time to think long and hard about bubbles+sprinkles. What do I want to accomplish this year? What are the audiences that I’d like to share this blog with? How can I best reach customers, and what skills can I continue to finesse over 2017? I was able to put thought and answers around each of the above questions, and that left me feeling more and more excited about the coming months.

Part of my personal ethos, is a huge passion for local businesses. I truly love Portland, its people, and all that it stands for. So when HelpWith reached out, it seemed like a very natural partnership. The goal of HelpWith, is to partner those who are experienced in their fields, with those that want to learn. The goal of bubbles+sprinkles, is to educate readers and valued customers on how to make the yummiest cupcakes and feel totally educated sipping the most fantastic bubbly wine. Noticing some similarities? They call HelpWith the Knowledge Market, and you can really search for help with anything– yoga, baking, SEO, digital marketing– skills offered run the whole gamut.

I’m jumping in with both feet, so if you know anyone that would like a personal lesson in baking, in wine appreciation, in event planning (more skills to follow…), then they should check me out on HelpWith! Here’s my profile. If you’re looking for a yuuuuuuge (nope, nope, not a political joke) variety of other instructors, then you should totally use this link, and check out HelpWith:

Disclaimer: bubbles+sprinkles will receive financial compensation for those that sign up for HelpWith using the above link. Questions? Comments? Please let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

Hope that everyone has a wonderful week.



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